Hayati Jamiea – My Life at University – Part One

There comes a time in every man’s life where he stands and looks back at all that he has done. Well today is that day for me. I don’t know and most often don’t care what others think of me unless I value that person in my life.

In my 25 years of living on this planet, I can say I have done a lot with the little that I have been given. 25 years is a lot and a bit exaggerated when I come to look at it as I am 25 years old now.

Research have shown that we spend a quarter of our lives growing up and a quarter growing old. Given the average life expectancy of a Papua New Guinean to live up to only 60-75 years that means my life really started when I turned 18.

At 18 years old I was doing Grade 12 at Bugandi Secondary School. It did not strike me much as my life is really starting. I was a care-free book worm with the idea that one day I will build a robot. I was studying Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics A at that time but I had a special interest in learning how to write computer program. I can remember one time I borrowed a book “Cybertronix” from the Library and never returned it coz I thought back than that it was really awesome.

And yeah, Grade 12 went by without any real struggles coz I still had my parents there for the support and love when I need them to. I topped Biology in the National Examinations but it wasn’t a big deal. I had a much bigger dream. To build a cool robot.

I got accepted into The University of Papua New Guinea in 2010 for the Science Foundation program. I already know what I wanted to do and it was Physics. Namely, Electronics and Computer Science. The foundation year was a struggle as I did not understand a lot of Physics principles and I don’t like writing a lot of Mathematical problems and solutions but I had this belief system that all the systems in nature are correlated. If you can understand Biology, you can surely understand Physics and Mathematics. And so i pressed on to take up Physics as my major in 2011, second year of university studies.

We had a lot of free time, I still had my parents support and I stopped reading. Which was a dangerous thing to do at university. I got involved in drinking and partying and socializing but still I did not read. In just one semester, I dropped from an A-B average student to a C-D averaged student. But I still had my parents there to support me so I continued doing what I do best socializing and stopped reading.

When it came Year 3, I had lost my scholarship. I had fallen way below average. But my interest in programming was still fresh as the day I fell in love. I still loved programming. It was then that I felt I needed to read. So I picked up a book title “HTML 4.0 for dummies”. I will always remember this as the turning point in my life.

At year 3 I had one of the most colorful CV that cannot be matched by any of my colleagues and even better than some of the Final year students. I had experience working on projects ranging from graphics designing to excel vba programming and electronics circuit designs. Most of my colleagues envied me. My grades in Electronics picked up but I still had problems with my calculus courses because I do not like writing long mathematical equations and explanations. I was my own limit [calculus joke]!

// This ends part One of Hayati Jamiea


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