Have you been to Morobe?

By Paul Mesa

8th September 2016 · PUBLIC

Have you ever been to Morobe?

Have you ever trusted a stranger with your life, as he navigates the boat you’re on through the raging seas of Siassi?

Have you ever witnessed the birth of a new day in Finschhafen, land of the morning star?

Have you ever tasted the best taro in the world, only found in Bukawa?

Have you ever taken long walks in the afternoon, on the sandy beach of Salamaua?🐚🌴🌊

Have you ever tasted marafri, cooked in a claypot and served on banana leaves in Markham?

Have you ever marvelled at the pines in Bulolo, and for once think as if you’re in another part of the world?

Have you ever seen a driver and his vehicle equally put to the test, by the unforgiving Menyama road?

And have you ever been in the arms of the one you love on a rainy night in Lae?

Now tell me, Have you ever been to Morobe?
#KumulWithAnAttitude 😄💙💚💛💜


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