Having shortcut problems on windows?

I will cut to the chase with this one. Most of you have heard of and maybe even experience this. “The Shortcut Virus”.

The virus goes around in flash drives and hide the contents of your portable media’s storage. Here are simple steps on how you can DIY your way out of the mess created.

Start command promp

Go to Start Menu and type cmd. Click on the command prompt icon to run it.

Select drive

Type in the drive letter followed by a colon and press enter. If your flash drive is on the F:\ drive for example, then do this:

type "f:" without the double quotes and press enter

Change attributes

This is where I will explain what will be happening. The files inside your flash drive are still there. They are only hidden. So what we will be doing next is to UNhide the files. You will, with the aid of command prompt, change the HIDDEN attribute of the Files, Folders and Sub-Folders in your flash drive.

type "attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d" without the double quotes and press enter

Wait…patience is a virtue

As soon as you press the enter button, the blinking cursor will move on to the next line and continue to blink for the next few minutes.


  • do not do close the command prompt window
  • do not unplug the flash drive

This is what’s happening behind the blinking cursor:

  1. gets a list of files and folders
  2. go through each file and folder and reset its attribute one file at a time

So you can imagine, if you have only two files in your flash drive, it will take less time to complete the whole process compared to when you have 2, 000 files and 50 folders and some more sub-folders. (If you have more that a GigaByte of data stored inside your flash drive, then please read this article).

Your files will be located in a folder with no name. Open it and find that all of your files are safe and recovered 🙂



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