Change: The Inevitable

CHANGE is inevitable. It is sometimes unacceptable but at most times it can be beneficial. Every living thing goes through a process of which they change over time. They change for the better. To adapt to their surroundings and meet its demands. A living process is also a changing one. It changes in order for it to continue its growth and development.
Change has been programmed in the Human DNA. Therefore, in anything that a human is involve in, also comes about changes. Because of this, our society is also alive, and perceived to be living (abstract). If the change is too fast, catch on or you’ll lose your way.
Nothing “ALIVE” remains the same
Technology is mean in that it changes every now and then. It is unpredictable but the core concepts, fundamentals and underlying principles are still the same. Take for example the MVC and or MEAN stack app development framework. You have a front-end VIEW which communicates with the back end MODEL server via a CONTROLLER. This principle is seen in all MVC, MEAT Stack and Full Stack solutions out there. The principle is the same but the technology used is different and always changing.
A simple analogy, and my favourite one, is the process of a growing tree. You start from the bottom up. Lay a solid foundation, there and only then can you have as branches and as many leaves as you can afford to put up.
The only thing you can do is to embrace the change, accept it, adapt to the change and live on. Happy coding happy people.

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