Obama Honors Pope Francis with Christening of Next-Generation Combat Drone

I see a couple of things that are wrong with this article:

Exodus 20:13 says “Do not commit murder.”

Here Pope Francis and the gang are enjoying a day at The Whitehouse killing Islamic extremists. The Holy Bible teaches us that, as Christians, if you are slapped on one side of your cheek, offer the other side also for it to be slapped. The Holy Bible also teaches us that we must love our enemies as we love ourselves.

One other thing that caught my attention is, Earnest’s comment on pope Francis’ handling of the drone’s control. He said, “He was a natural.” I do not intend to draw conclusions here but, it is what it is. People were murdered that day and the pope praised Obama “for doing the lord’s work”.

The Lord I know and serve is not a murderer. He is the opposite of that. He LOVES, CARES and PROTECTS his children from harm! He is the almighty creator and my wondrous king and savior.

#jesusiscoming #jesuschrist #catholic #popefrancis


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