How to extract text from a PDF file

Your boss sent you and email and said “I need you to extract the text file in this PDF file”. Sometimes they break it down like that, but other times, they just spurt it out like “Yo Johnny, I need you to edit this PDF File and amend these changes” and s/he gives you a long list of tasks to do with that PDF file.

You’re there to help your boss solve his/her problem because that is what you are paid to do right? But the first thing you don’t know about PDF files is how you can edit one. I mean how can you? PDF simply mean Post Document Format. The file extensions says it all. Once any file is converted to a PDF file, it can’t be converted back.

Sooo, I give to you, a solution using no third party softwares or adwords or adware. Using your very own Microsoft Office’s OneNote, you can extract the text from the PDF file and then start hacking away on you keyboard so that you get paid right? Without further delays, I present to you the 4 Steps to Save Your Life! LOL, kidding.

This is something you already know so I’m going to be SHORT, SHARP and SIMPLE. The tripple ‘S’!!!

  • First: Open up OneNote and create a Blank Page under unfiled notes.
  • Second: Go over to where your PDF file is located and then you click and drag it into the Blank OneNote Page and then you drop it there.
  • Third: Select the third option where it says: “Insert the file as a printout so I can add notes to it”.

print out pdf file on onenote

  • Fourth: You should see a small window open up. Then your default PDF Viewer program will open up and more small windows will open up and then the green bar will start to be flowing from the left to right! Don’t panic. I know it sounds panicky but don’t panic, its just simple procedures that the program is following to safely and accurately extract texts from the PDF and print them out on your blank page.

Once the white bar is full and it turns green, you should see a print out of the page on the blank page which you’ve created in step two above ;).

This is where it gets beautiful and interesting. I know I’m exaggerating but it is what it is right! Sooo, when you right click on the print out you will get some options listed on a pop-up menu bar. Select the 4th option. It should read “Copy Text From All Pages Of The Printout”.

  • Fifth: After you’ve copied the text, simply open up a Microsoft Word Document and paste those texts to the document.And there you have it!

I know! I know! I said four steps but I made it 5! My bad, but look on the brightside, atleast I helped you extract that file right?

Hey listen, if you have any question at all, just post a comment below and I will get back to you before you blink an eye. You think I’m lying? Try me! Post a comment! 😀 🙂


2 thoughts on “How to extract text from a PDF file

  1. Oh my God! Thank you SO much for sharing such blessing!! I’m a student and sometimes professors send many PDF’s. My science professor sends me some reviews with this format and all I do is to copy it by hand so I can complete it! Thank you so much again for saving all that work to maybe even millions of people like me. To Jesuschrist all the glory! God bless you very much! 🙋👍😄

    1. Hi Hillary C.,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I am more than happy to have helped you.

      If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me. Check out the about me page to see if any of my skills will be of worth and value to you.

      Praise be to God for leading you to find this article. In His name.

      Sincere regards,
      Sylver Yagi

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