The Powerful Node JS in conjunction with the Instagram API

Combining these two magical products has been awesome. NodeJS for starters is a server side scripting language written by JavaScript engineers for JavaScript development. To those who only know JavaScript as a front-end scripting language, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you that JavaScript can also be launched at the Back-end. #nodejs

Instagram on the other end is a picture social media. It is like Facebook, but instead of updating text status’ you upload photos and add captions. It has a lot of cool and interesting features, one of which is the picture tagging feature. You can give any picture you upload multiple tags and they will show up whenever someone looks at the tag.

The #instagramapi gives you access to tonnes of these cool features. I have done some experimentation of these and have come up with a simple web application. It doesn’t do much but display photos from instagram. I haven’t done the mobile friendly version yet but it will be rolled out soon.

On the home page, you will see 20 of the most recent pictures tagged as “#manusday”. Then, on the New Guinea tab, you shall see pictures that were uploaded and tagged with a location. I’ve set the initials location to Lae City so any picture upoaded within 5KM of Lae will be shown here.

You will also notice a weather tab. This is something that I am also working on, and right now I cannot say much on that. If you are really curious however and would like to get ahead and read about it, search for #openweatherapi .


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