Interpretation of William Shakespeare’s “Eyes are windows”

“Your eyes are the window to your soul” William Shakespeare​

So, since I am famous for doing touch ups, this is my touch up (version) of the idea.

Your soul has certain characteristics, likes and dislikes. My theory is, if you see something and it arouses an emotion within you, then your soul has that character.

Take this story as an example.

One hot afternoon, an old man who looked like he could die if he lived another day, carried a bag loaded with firewood and was climbing a steep hill. All sweaty and raggedy.

Everyone by the roadside were so busy with what they were doing that they didn’t realize he was really struggling to go up the hill. You were busy doing something and then you turned around and noticed the old man. You then sat there and watched the old man thinking should I go and help this guy?…

Now, to my questions:
> What would you be feeling?
> What emotions would you be getting?
> Would you go and help the poor old man?
> What’s your soul’s character?
> If you ignore the old man and go back to what you were doing, would you feel guilty or ashamed?
> Or would you say, “Em gat pikinini man/meri ya, larim ba ol kam helpim em?

I leave the judging to your beautiful soul 😉 😀 🙂


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