Converting youtube videos to mp3 files using vlc media player

Have you always wanted to get the the mp3 file of that youtube music video but you don’t know how to?

I bring you good news from the land of VLC Media Player. This particular software is “JUST” awesome! It has tonnes of really cool features, one of which is file conversion. In this article I will give you a step-by-step, I mean click-by-click instructions on how you can get yourself the mp3 of that youtube video.

Copy The youtube Video link. This is simple. First go to then search for and open the video you want to extract the mp3 of. For instructions on what to do while the video is playing, refer to the image below: vlc-mp3-conversion-01 Proceed on to the next step if you successfully went through without any hassle. Stream it on VLC For this step you will be required to open up VLC Player. If you don’t have one installed on your system, you can get it here: Do as instructed in the image below, once VLC opens up. vlc-mp3-conversion-02 After successfully completing the instruction provided in the image above, you will be able to now, watch the youtube video using your VLC. Note that it might take longer for the video to play depending on your internet connectivity speed as the video is now streaming. Get File Location The next thing you need to do now is to get the file information. This log contains the location of the currently streaming media file. To do this you just have to press “CTRL + I”. See below image for further instructions. But before you do this, I would advise that you put the video on PAUSE.vlc-mp3-conversion-03 After you’re done with the above instruction, you should be right back on the vlc home screen where the video should be on pause.

Preparing for File Conversion In this step, you will configure vlc so that it makes the necessary conversion. To get you started, press “CTRL + N” and follow the instructions on image below: vlc-mp3-conversion-04 vlc-mp3-conversion-06vlc-mp3-conversion-07And that is it for this tutorial! Thank you for your time. Please leave comments and or questions if you run into problems later on, I will be more than happy to assist. NOTE

  • A note to those who are trying to download movies, I believe it is possible to download youtube movies but it will take time to stream.
  • I haven’t tested this out on other sites yet but I hope it will be the same right throughout.

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