Clouds are awesome

#clouds ~ some may call it crazy some call it an obsession but i see it as just AWESOME we have different types of clouds which can tell you a different story everytime?

Cumulonimbus and cumulus clouds for example, they tell you that there is a mountain nearby or that there will be rain in a few hours/days.

Alt20150220_114244ostratus and stratus clouds provide shade just enough to block off the sunlight but not only that, they indicate that the’re floating over flatland.

And when you’re out on the sea, and when you don’t see any clouds nearby, it simply means there’s no land nearby. Unless there is cyclone. You will be amazed to learn that the Traditional Traders used Clouds during the day time and stars during night to help them navigate during their adventures. How awesome is that.

We take clouds for granted but it also says in the Bible that clouds took Jesus away and the same way that he went, he will return. Have a blessed Sabbath Day tomorrow all you Sabbath Keepers. GOD BLESS


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