Making the best t-bone steak – ever! At home

I’ve been to a couple of restaurants and have eaten some of the best steaks ever. But I always wonder, can they be cooked at home too? I mean if you have all the right ingredients, could you replicate the taste and smell?

Well, my mum Yvoxx and I are embarking on a journey to make the best t-bone steak ever and this is the story.



Preparing the steak isn’t hard work at all. Take the steaks and line them up side by side on a plate for them to defrost. Leave them there for 20 to 30 minutes.

While waiting for the steak to defrost, make a sauce. Grate ginger, and garlic and finely dice some round onions. Put them into a bowl and mix them together with some dark soy sauce. Add some salt for taste.



Once the steaks are ready, lightly fry them and put them all in an oven tray. They should be half cooked by the time they come out of the frying pan. Spread the sauce on the steak and put them into the oven. The temperature of the oven isn’t really important because the meat is already half cooked. You can pre-heat the oven if you want to.

Steak on tray sauced and prepared before going into the oven

Depending on the urgency of your meal, you can apply a lot of heat or turn the heat down to keep the meat warm. If you’re out of time then you can apply maximum heat and leave it on for 5 minutes. That’s all the time you’ll need. Also this can get you that crispy brown color on the steak which i’m sure you would really like.

Final Result

The final result of the cook

Okay I admit this is not what I expected to get as the result. I guess I left it in the oven for too long. Its a bit burnt on the edges but if you had watched the oven closely you should get a nice looking steak. It will be really moist and it will look really professional.

That’s it for now. Until next time, cheers


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