Omelette – do it yourself

Five raw eggs, two fresh garlics, one green lushious capcicum, one round onion, one raw tomato and ofcourse salt and pepper. Nothing tastes better without salt and pepper. These are the ingredients to make the perfect omelette.

Finely dice the garlics and round onion and put them into a bowl. Also dice the capcicum and tomato and put them all into the same bowl. You should get a very attractive mixture of color, taste and aroma.

When you’re done chopping and sorting, crack open five eggs and put them into the bowl. Add some salt and mix everything together. Once you see that everything is mixed in a sticky yellowish fluid, pour the mixture into a pre-heated frying pan. Make sure the pan is oiled properly before pre-heating. To add some color on the mixture, spinkle a bit of pepper on it(see image below).


Now this is the crucial part, if you get this wrong, then you should just kiss your omelette goodbye. šŸ˜€ haha chillex, i’m just joking. Anyway, just let the mixture sit on the frying pan until you see 80 per cent of the liquid turn solid (see image below).


Grab half of the omelette and place it over the other half as shown by the image below.


You should get something that is brown and rich in color. After flipping, the dish is ready to serve. This can serve three people and it is good for a family breakfast.


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