Water Apple (lau lau) Season in Port Moresby

Water Apples are a mid size order of often aromatic tropical and subtropical shrubs and trees. The Myrtle family (Myrtaceae) is the most important, and particularly important in the flora of Australia. Some, such as Eucalyptus, prefer temperate climates rather than tropical. A number of tropical and sub-tropical species bear edible fruit. ( http://www.clovegarden.com/ingred/myrtle.html)..

This month is their season to flower and bear fruits in Port Moresby. Nature has its way of doing things and wherever there are flowers and nectar, you will expect to see bees close by.
There is a lau lau tree growing beside the house and i swear there are bee colobies everywhere.


So far i was able to locate four wasp nests. I believe they are of different species. This because one type are big (pictured above) and the other type are small (pictured below).


The smaller types build their nests in groups while the other, much bigger type build their nests alone.



If you are smart, you wouldn’t want to be disturbing any of these hard working bees.


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