How to make coloured bubbles in Photoshop

Hi fans and friends. In this article/tutorial, I will show with pictures how you can create colorful bubbles in photoshop. So lets begin our quest.

Firstly, after starting photoshop, create a new project/document with the dimensions shown in the image or with your own dimensions.bubble01



When the project area opens, use the pen tool to draw a straight line from one end of the whitespace to another. Pen tool can be accessed using the keyboard button “P”. To make a straight line, create a point first and then hold down shift on the keyboard and click on the opposite side of the whitespace. You should get something similar to the image below.







Now select the brush tool (keyboard shortcut: press button “B”) and then select the brush tip shape as indicated in the image below.



Once selected make sure the size is between 50 to 90 px.

Follow thru with the following images and note the images below are changing. Try to get at least something similar.


















set the Shape Dynamics values to get the rough outline of the bubbles





















After you are satisfied with the final display, then minimise the screen and get back to your drawing board. Without changing to the PEN too, hit enter on your key board. You should get something similar to the image below.








And this is it for our bubble tutorial. Have fun photoshopping 🙂


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