Photography 101: Getting The Basics Right

Hi guys. Long time no see. Anyways, greetings from me, myself and I. Today is [date]. And in this post, I’ll be talking about The Basics of Photography.

Firstly, Photography is the art of taking awesome pictures. The basic idea is pictures are good, but what makes them awesome? You can be at the right place at the right time but if you don’t get your timing right, then your “AWESOME” photo is gone. Therefore, an advice to Photography 101 students, put your camera to automatic zoom and also set the mode to Auto. Don’t touch anything else.

However, if you are already familiar with taking pictures using the default mode, then I will go a step further and advice that you use the macro/micro mode of the camera. Otherwise know as landscape/up-close to get the photo. This will greatly help in making the details of the picture stand out. The photo below is a good example of a badly zoomed photo.

Zooming problem
This is an example of a bad photo. It wasn’t zoomed right

If you are shooting on a bright sunny day, always give you back to the sun whenever you want to take a shot. The lighting will affect the awesomeness of your photo. It can sometimes come to your benefit but at most times it won’t.


That is the basics of photography for now. May you all have a blessed week 🙂

Happy Programming 🙂


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