Competition Plugin

[6:20 AM]
Good morning all. My new task/project is to create/find a way to host an online competition. The idea sounds very cool and easy, but its really a challenge when it comes down to the mechanics of things.

At first, I was convinced that I can build one from scratch, and I have confidence to believe so. But, given the time span and the conditions, I was required to understand and implement how the social sharing system works. This will require me to go in-depth into uncharted waters, well atleast in my terms that is.

So I began the daunting journey into finding the best plugin available on the internet to suit my needs. I came across a few and tested them but I didn’t get what I was after. Then, when hope was almost gone, I stumbled upon a plugin which might just get me what I needed.

I began testing but could only do so much as time had already caught up. So I only setup the basic settings and left office, hoping to complete all the investigations by Sunday.

I went in on Sunday only to find to my dismay, that the office network was playing up. It was going on/off with a 10-20 seconds intervals. The worst part of it was, I didn’t bring my company issued dongle. What a life.

So I had to call in support from our help-desk and it took them some good 12hours to sort the problem. It was a long day for everyone, I just hope today won’t have any hustles.

signing out wolfeinstein


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