Generating logs, what a headache

[9:00 AM +10 GMT]

Good morning followers, another awesome day at work!

Soooo, back to the monthly log generation, my job would’ve been much easier if the publishers haven’t started with tagging the posts they publish and just put up the articles under the respective news room. Anyway, this gives me an opportunity to generate a log to see who has been publishing wire stories.

Getting on ahead with the situation, I have decided to start small. And by that I mean go all the way down to the bottom! So, this means I will have to redesign and restructure my approach and do the coding all over again.  BUMMER!

[4:18 PM +10 GMT]

Couldn’t continue writing this coz I was handed another daunting task. Anyways, will continue on Sunday. Until then, take care my good friends and followers 🙂

Batta hamamas lo U (Y)


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